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Clive Kinski Buckland-Bork
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Paintings from movies
Every now and then when watching a movie, a particular shot leaps out at me - maybe it's a certain expression, or a gesture that I might wish to capture. Or sometimes I sense a 'perfect composition' where all the elements seem to fall into place - often for the briefest of moments.

Thankfully because of computers I can click through movie scenes or other video material frame by frame, and capture the ones that inspire me the most. I find it fascinating spotting the infinitessimal changes that reveal, for example, when the warmth has left a smile, or when surprise turns to joy...

As an artist, working with source material in this way offers many insights and possibilities not previously available.

Painting portraits or scenes from photographs is accepted as common practice these days, but the possibilities offered by using video footage as source material has yet to be fully realised. If you have video and/or photographic material that you might wish to have reproduced as an oil painting then do please contact me.

Randolph Scott & Joel McCrae
Ride the High Country
Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale, Shooting Fish

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